Hiring a Transportation Company

There are many definitions of a transportation company but basically it is a company that can handle all of your ground passenger transportation needs. These services include planning and operating hotel shuttles and airport meet & greet programs, offering vehicles of all types for charters and transfers and having staff and other ancillary services.

Bus/Car Company Vs. Transportation Company

Everyone has a friend that knows a limo company and a few have friends that know a bus company; but usually no one says they know a transportation company. The major difference is that the transportation company is not restricted by fleet size; most do not own any vehicles. They draw on many different companies to create huge fleets of vehicles that one company cannot own. Picking from so many sources also allows for them to pick the best of the best equipment and driver wise. This is also helpful in the case of breakdowns or last minute requests: a transportation company can choose from many sources to expedite the replacement.

Local or National?

Some companies offer services nationwide and some only stay in one geographic area. Each have their advantages and disadvantages. The local company should know his city better including whats streets to use; pick-up and drop-off locations and other quirks about the locations. If you have traveled; you know there is a huge difference in size and layouts of each airport around the country. A local company will know exactly how to handle that layout. National companies may be able to help you all over the country but they cannot be the local expert in each city.

Focus & Expertise

A transportation company only focuses on transportation and service related to transportation. They are not trying to do airport meet & greets and a organize a big event gala at the same time. Most transportation companies are staffed with experts that have worked in the ground transportation industry their whole career. The managers know how to plan for each event and exactly what they need to transport your guests safely and quickly. Many have worked on major events such as the Olympics or even Presidential inaugurations.


The operations team of a transportation team is critical. It takes just the right person to make sure everything runs seamlessly on site. The best transportation staff are always thinking about what can go wrong and how they would fix it quickly. They have to be able to make quick decisions from moving equipment to handle a overflow or rearranging the greeters and vehicles at the airport due to weather delays. The operations team also has to be able to handle client changes, adds, or cancellations 24 hours a day. The best companies invest heavily in a top notch team of on-site experts to ensure everything is done correctly.

After the transportation is done

The operations team follows through to the end of the last drop-off but that is not the end of the job. A great transportation company will look back at the program and try and find ways to improve service for next time. They will provide the client with excellent feedback from riders, drivers, and on-site staff to help them see how it went and what can be improved for next time. A report can be provided showing you ridership levels and addresses any incidents that may have happened and how they were resolved.

Who to hire?

Much has to be taken into consideration before making that decision for your next group transportation need. Fleet size, local or national, is the staff experienced and much more play a factor in your decision. We can’t make the decision for you but we can make it a little easier to decide with our free E-Book; The CTS Guide to Ground Transportation. Download it now and you can become the go-to person in your organization when it comes to transportation.

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