It’s a big deal when you become a homeowner. Such a proud moment it is, sprinkled with a little stress and loads of anxiety, of course. It’s understandable that you want to keep that huge investment protected, and that’s probably why you’re trying so hard to find the top-rated homeowner’s insurance companies in Florida. This is no small decision. 

You want an insurance provider that offers comprehensive coverage at a price that won’t force you into foreclosure, right? So, how do you know which companies are worth their salt without learning the hard way? The following homeowner’s buying guide might help. 

How to Find Top Rated Homeowners Insurance Companies in Florida 

Shop around for the best coverage and the most affordable prices prior to selecting a provider. In the meantime, decide which providers are worthy of your attention by utilizing a handful of free, yes free, resources: 

1.  Online Florida Homeowners Insurance Quotes

Consumers can visit to get complimentary information regarding any registered company in Florida. This includes customer complaints, lawsuits, and product recalls. Top-rated homeowners insurance companies in Florida will be described there. You can also get quotes on your screen from multiple carriers without having to retype your info.

2.Customer Reviews 

Did you know that the average consumer is more willing to review a company when their experience is poor rather than when it’s good? Therefore, if you see a top-rated homeowner’s insurance company in Florida with plenty of positive customer feedback, chances are it’s a decent and affordable provider. However, be wary of insurance companies that pay for positive reviews, as their endorsements may be solely superficial. 

3.Friends and Neighbors 

Who knows the top-rated homeowner’s insurance companies in Florida better than the locals? Get an idea of the average premium and coverage options by speaking candidly with your friends, family, and (most importantly) neighbors. This trick will help you determine whether you’re paying too much or getting a killer deal, plus it will give you an opportunity to chat it up with the locals. 

4.Your Mortgage Lender 

Your lender is more than a salesperson, he/she is a storehouse of market knowledge just waiting to be unpacked. Simply ask your mortgage lender for recommendations on what they view as the top-rate homeowner’s insurance companies in Florida. That way, you’ll not only get a great policy but you’ll also please those responsible for your loan.  

TIP: Be sure to purchase a good policy before closing to ensure you qualify for the mortgage and you get the best deal from the insurance provider.