Airport Programs & Shuttles – Arrivals

Chicagoland Transportation Solutions (CTS) staff and vehicles can get your program off to a great start. CTS can plan, manage, and staff an arrival program for any size group. We will work with you to plan the most cost effective and efficient arrival and departure program for your guests. Our experienced staff can help sort out the arrival pattern and suggest what is best for your particular group. CTS Operations Managers and on-site staff have years of experience with the Chicago-area airport system. Their experience and knowledge allows them to adapt and react well to on-site changes.

We are unique because we customize airport programs to meet your client’s needs. Our Operations Managers design flight specific programs that allow each guest to feel like a VIP. Our greeters are well prepared and visible holding signs at the baggage carousel while waiting to meet incoming guests. Greeters welcome the guests to Chicago and offer to carry their bags. The guests are then escorted to their private car for their relaxing ride to the hotel.

For those looking for a more cost effective option, we can design a shuttle program. CTS shuttle programs provide a steady flow of vehicles which leave at consistent intervals to transfer guests. CTS Operations Managers will work with you to select the best schedule for the van, mini or motor coaches to leave the airport. Our on-site staff ensures that your guests are directed to the shuttle and the vehicles depart at the scheduled time.

We also have experience with VIP programs. CTS staff is knowledgeable about all procedures for arrivals of the private aircraft at all of Chicago’s airports. Staff experience includes executing programs for heads of state, entertainers, and CEOs.