Airport Programs & Shuttles – Departures

Our Operations Managers will design a departure schedule that is specific to your guests’ needs. They can plan early departures by sedan or limousine and then a bus shuttle for the mass departure; or all departures using smaller vehicles. We will work with you to provide the most cost effective and efficient mix of vehicles for your transportation departures. CTS’ experience helps us advise you what to expect and how to handle it. We explain to you how to provide additional capacity for those guests that want to leave on earlier shuttles. We show you how best to group your guests on the right vehicles at the correct suggested departure times. Our office team can provide departure notice that detail exactly where your guest can meet their transportation.

An on-site dispatcher will work direct with you or your contact to accommodate any last minute requests by your guests. They also have a close working relationship with many of the Chicago hotels curb staff; therefore, ensuring your guests a quick and easy departure. Depending on the size of your departure manifest; they will have additional staff to help direct guests to the proper transportation. On-site staff will check off guests as they leave so we can account that everyone has left. We will then let you or your contact know who we are missing before we finish so you can make the decision to wait for them or not. Luggage loaders can also be provided to assist guests with luggage; or luggage trucks can be provided to move large quantities of luggage at once.

CTS can also provide a staff at the airports to greet the guests and help get their luggage checked and direct them to their flight. Another nice addition would be tour guides on the buses to show them some of the last sights as they head out of town.