When you are picking your wedding vehicles, you need to think about more than just how many people

The number of guests in a vehicle is a critical part of choosing wedding vehicles but it should not be all of your decision. You will also want to think about the people that are getting in the vehicles, how many guests fit in the vehicle, and who is in charge of that vehicle. These all need to be considered to guarantee flawless wedding day transportation service.

Who is In The Vehicle?

Sounds simple? Right? But it is not that easy all the time. You need to consider what the vehicle will be used for. Many vehicles may be used for different services during the wedding day. A limousine may pick up the bride and bridesmaids at someone’s house and take them to the church and then go to the grooms house and get them to take to the church. After the ceremony, you plan for the newly married couple to have the limousine just for them. But what happens to the rest of the bridal party? Without a plan in place they may be piling into Uncle Lou’s 1978 Station Wagon and Aunt Irene’s Dodge Dart.

When you plan on the vehicles, you need to plan out the whole day. You need to plan if someone is not in that vehicle the entire day, how are they getting between locations or back to their personal vehicle at the end of the day. You may want to think about if you want the vehicle the entire time so that things can be left in the vehicle during the ceremony. If the vehicle needs to do handle transportation for multiple people, this may not be possible.

How Many is Too Many?

When you book limousines, stretch SUV’s, and other specialty vehicles the capacity is in the eye of the beholder. What we mean is when the company tells you it will seat 10 people in their 10 passenger limousine, will it really? Are they talking about 10 thin Olive Oyl type of ladies or are you going to fit your groom to be and 9 of his beer drinking buddies in there? In most cases no. You need to think about everyone who will be in that vehicle. Are they a small frame or big frame person? Is there a mix of kids and adults? Are they seniors? If the majority are larger people, than maybe you only want 6 or 7 in a 10 passenger limousine. After all, you want everyone to be comfortable on your wedding day and not packed in like sardines.

Another item to consider is the size of the dresses. Of course most Brides have a large flowing dress with tail but are the bridesmaid’s dresses large also. This may affect how many you get in each vehicle. You don’t want them to be sitting on each other’s dresses either. Another area of your vehicle selection that can be affected by the dresses are the ease to get in and out of the vehicle. If you have multiple bridesmaids in a limousine, how easy will it be for them to get in and slide down the seat for the next person to get in. Will the bride be able to get in and out easily with her dress? You may want to consider a mini-coach or trolley so that they can just walk onto the vehicle and not have to crouch down to get in.

Who Is Running The Show?

Another easy one, right? Not always. You may have given the transportation companies all the information but what happens if that information did not get to the driver or that driver did not read it all? If you have someone in charge of the transportation that has the plan for the entire day, they can answer the driver’s questions and assure everything keeps running smooth.

The person in charge needs to be available by cell phone and in person if possible. Many times the bride, groom, or parents of either may book the vehicle. But come the day of the wedding, all of these people may be busy or wearing something that does not have a place for a phone. Can you imagine a bride stopping in the middle of the ceremony to answer her cell phone as a driver is calling to let her know they are staged outside; neither can we.

As with most transportation, the more you plan ahead and think out the day and how it will go, the better the service will run on the day.